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ETAC Cleen Shower & Toilet Chair 55cm

Price: 195 KD
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  • Etac shower chair secure, safe, and simple for both users and careers.
  • Etac Clean shower commode chair is extremely easy to operate.

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  • The clever design can be seen throughout the entire chair.
  • Comfortable and practical foot support: The foot support on Clean shower commode chair is unique and can be pushed under the seat when not in use.
  • The soft curved surface provides good comfort for the feet, which are also protected by the foot support's side protection.
  • The smart design gives Etac Clean a large and comfortable seating area even though the chair is neat and slim.
  • The chair is open at the back to facilitate access for hygiene purposes.
  • The practical foot support has a soft, rounded shape which gives the feet extra comfort and protection.

Seat width: 480mm.

External width: 520mm.

Castors: 125mm.

Maximum user weight: 130kg.

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