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Lebert Fitness SRT Barbell

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  • Lebert SRT™ Spring Resistance Training Barbell with SPRING TECHNOLOGY. 
  • Total Weight: approx. - 8 kg

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Introducing the new Lebert SRT™ Spring Resistance Training Barbell with SPRING TECHNOLOGY.

The Lebert SRT™ Barbell adds another plane of movement, taking regular exercises like the bicep curl, and adds chest and delt activation, hitting muscles you never knew you had! Users SPRING IN and SPRING OUT on either side of the two sliding hand grips activating more muscles and creating more resistance with every rep.

  • Innovative spring technology, for a more effective weight training.
  • 1 x Lebert SRT barbell and 2 x 2.26 kg (5 lb) Weight Plate.
  • Total Weight: approx. - 8 kg
  • Ideal for personal trainers, gyms and the the home.
  • 1 x Instructional DVD
  • 1 x Set of green springs with its light resistance and 1 Set of grey springs with heavy resistance.
  • 4 x jaw lock collars.

How to Use:

  • Fill PROMiXX with liquid (ideal fill =250-450ml/9-16oz)
  • Push button to activate vortex.
  • Pour supplements into spinning vortex.

Simple Self-cleaning:

  • Add warm water and detergent
  • Activate Vortex for 5-10 seconds
  • Remove base unit and rinse bottle

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